Check out Obama’s “We can’t hide behind a wall” WALL!


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Hussein Obama in Germany yesterday trolling President Donald Trump who is in Europe this week told a crowd, “In this new world that we live in, we can’t isolate ourselves, we can’t hide behind a wall.”  The statement was a barb aimed directly at the President.

In other words, Obama’s whose wall is complete was sending the message to America that “a wall is great for me, but not for three.”

Obama has a wall surrounding both of his homes, i.e., in Chicago and Washington, D.C. and to be honest, he’s not alone.  Every elitist whether they’re in Hollywood, politics, Europe and beyond who opposes the border wall have themselves erected walls around their homes.

Back to Obama.  Check out Obama’s new wall…Washington, D.C.

American Mirror by Kyle Olson

As Barack Obama waxes eloquent about the supposed negative impact of walls on humanity, crews have completed the wall surrounding his Washington, DC home.

Grabien reports:

Sitting alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former President Obama lectured the current administration about its immigration policy Thursday. 

While not mentioning President Trump by name, Obama made clear to whom he was leveling his criticism.

“In this new world that we live in we can’t isolate ourselves,” Obama said. “We can’t hide behind a wall.”

But that’s exactly what Obama is doing in his Washington, DC and Chicago homes.

Crews have completed the brick and metal wall surrounding his home in the tony Kalorama neighborhood in DC.

Obama’s DC home isn’t the only one protected by walls[…]

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Every Nine days, a terrorist attack is attempted in Europe in 2017

All this and Europe is STILL IN DENIAL.

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Time for Great Britain and the world to wake up. The U.S. can no longer be the only country concerned about terrorism and to the Mayor of London, no we will never accept that this is to be accepted.

From Breitbart:  Europe, the United Kingdom, and Russia have witnessed terror attacks or attempted attacks every nine days in 2017 on average, analysis of security incidents has revealed.

Since January, around 45 people have been killed by mostly Islamic terrorists, while hundreds have been injured. The only known incident not linked to jihadism in 2017 was the attack on the Borussia Dortmund soccer team by a Russian-German national attempting to profit from short-selling stock in the company.

 Attacks and attempted attacks have taken place in Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Germany.

Security services in Britain — population 65 million — are known to be…

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USAA Drops Hannity in Response to Soros-Brock Boycott


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USAA chose the wrong horse to back.  Sean Hannity is very good to our troops, veterans, border patrol agents, law enforcement, etc.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

USAA is a financial service company for the military community and their families, according to their Twitter page. USAA apparently doesn’t believe in standing up for the freedoms our Armed Forces fight for including free speech.

USAA pulled their ads from Sean Hannity’s TV show on Fox after Media Matters put Hannity on their hit list.

The shame of it is Hannity is a very big supporter of the military and Media Matters is not.

The company is still advertising on opinion shows on the hard-left MSNBC though they claim that is the reason they conveniently dropped Hannity after the boycott was announced.

The Soros-Brock Media Matters (MM) blog launched a full-scale campaign against Hannity, even publishing the names of all his advertisers. They recently bragged and were quoted in the NY Times as having destroyed Bill O’Reilly exactly this way. Media Matters has threatened Fox with getting all ads removed from all of their Fox News cable shows.

Sean Hannity had been trying to get to the bottom of the unsolved murder of Seth Rich and that was the impetus, or should we say excuse, for this latest assault by the Soros-funded group led by Brock[…]

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When called out for their decision on twitter, USAA’s responsive was rather Progressive?

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What Will this Next Civil War Look Like? A Prelude


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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Make no doubt about it, in much the same way that Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860 prompted the first Civil War, the election of Donald Trump in 2016 has prompted this second one.

While ostensibly over slavery, what the election of the Republicans in 1860 signaled was the end of an era, that era beginning in 1824-1828 with the creation of the original Democrat Party, whose cynical purpose was to hold onto political power by maintaining slavery well beyond any economic utility, around which almost all American politics would revolve so that the Union would be forever split into two camps of equal electoral size divided by an issue about which there could never be any agreement.

Sound familiar?

While the political parties were held in balance by slavery, they could then go about debating every other issue; taxation, tariffs, national banks, westward expansion in the back and forth fashion American politics has always been defined to be.

Cynical, it was still a masterful business model drafted by the Democrat’s original founders, Martin Van Buren and Andrew Jackson.

What the Democrats did not foresee was that it would only take a single generation, roughly thirty (30) years for that failing economic model to be etched into half the national fabric as a socio-cultural, religious and philosophic icon, as a way of life to be protected politically and a cause to die for.

Sound familiar?

I’d love to discuss this over a bottle of Scotland’s best, but fast forward to 2016 and consider the parallels, namely two intransigent sides fighting over the very root of what it means to be American, when only fifty years ago, two generations, “liberals”, as they were known then, largely agreed with the rest of Americans about the fundamental foundations, the institutional building blocks of the Republic, as designed by the Founders in 1776 and 1787.

I won’t wax poetic about the resume this still-imperfect union had built by the 1960s. But it is prodigious, and built entirely by men and women the rest of the world had cast off, it’s detritus. At the time of the first Civil War we were still largely an Anglo-Saxon Protestant nation, but by the early 20th Century, “the shoulders we all stand on” included cast-offs from eastern Europe, the Far East, and then Latin America and Africa, so that now every American shares that same one aspect, arising out of forbears who were low-born, all our generations, “risen”.

Why that all changed in the 1960s was not because America had fallen on hard times. In fact the generation of the 60s were themselves sired by a generation who had known hard times as no other Americans ever had, and then, just as they were bouncing out of it, had to postpone life for another five years to go fight two wars to liberate half the rest of the world, over a quarter-of-million of them postponing life for an eternity[…]

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To My Students: Farewell For Now…



Stately McDaniel Manor via Wow! Magazine by Mike McDaniel

The end of the school year is a bittersweet time for teachers. It’s satisfying to bring to an end a year of hard work. That engenders a feeling of accomplishment, of completion. But it’s always sad, because very soon, our classes will meet for the final time. Each class with its unique personality, comprised of the unique personalities of each of you, will die, never to be reborn.

That understanding always leaves me with a sense of loss. Soon, I’ll rise in the morning and realize I can no longer look forward to seeing each of you every day. It’s like losing an old, trusted, beloved friend, many times over.

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Mike McDaniel is a fellow council member of Wow! Magazine.  You can by avail yourself of Mike’s essays at Wow! and at his website, Stately McDaniel Manor.