Parents to hold Sex Ed Sit Out on April 23rd Opposing Graphic Sex Ed Programs in Public Schools


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Courtesy of Sex Ed Sit Out (Facebook)


Tomorrow (April 23rd), parents in cities across the United States, including Charlotte, North Carolina, Austin, Texas, in Canada, Australia and London, England are engaging in a Sex Ed Sit Out.

Protesting the Perversion & Mis-Education of Our Children

Parents will keep their children out of school Monday in protest of Planned Parenthood’s involvement and its unsavory pro-sex agenda pushed in public schools across the nation.  Homosexuality, anal and oral sex, how to “masturbate one another, and question their gender,” none of which has any place in the educational system, plays a major role in the push for social justice and all of which now takes precedence in public schools over the Three R’s and history.

[SIDEBAR: About the Three R’s, social justice have replaced teaching our children reading writing and arithmetic which has been moved to the back burner. Cursive writing is non-existent and the history that is being taught in our schools presents a skewed view of America, our Founding Fathers, and the rule of law.  Lessons teaching the Bill of Rights is practically non-existent and when taught, what is being pushed as the Bill of Rights is historically incorrect. END OF SIDEBAR]

Black Community News

…Some government schools, supported by the U.S. taxpayer, allow Planned Parenthood into schools through a “sex-ed” program called “Get Real,” for example.

Why more Christian parents aren’t outraged about this is a mystery, but it’s encouraging to know some parents are taking action[…]

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E-8 Master Sergeant Takes Re-enlistment Oath with Dinosaur Sock Puppet, promptly Fired


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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

Master Sergeant Robin Brown was fired from her full-time position with the Tennessee National Guard after taking her reenlistment oath while wearing a dinosaur on her right hand. The officer relaying the oath was demoted and another officer was punished for filming the ceremony.

The Colonel administering the oath was demoted, immediately retired from the Air National Guard, Master Sgt. Robin Brown relieved of duty and facing further administrative action over dinosaur puppet video[…]

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Rest in Peace, Barbara Bush.


Former first lady Barbara Bush at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum’s America’s First Ladies: An Enduring Legacy conference at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center in College Station, Texas, Nov. 15, 2011. Photo by David Valdez. [Flickr-(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)]

Former First Lady, Barbara Bush, is being laid to rest today.  Mrs. Bush led a good life, a blessed life and a life of service.

May Barbara Bush rest in peace.  God bless the Former First Lady and those she left behind.


Put God First – Denzel Washington Motivational & Inspiring Commencement Speech

Denzel Washington delivers a motivational and inspiring message graduating students of Dillard University. May they carry his words and message with them.

Published on Oct 26, 2017 by ABOVE INSPIRATION

In delivering the commencement speech at Dillard University, Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington told the college graduates to put God first in everything they do, adding that everything he has accomplished in this life was due to the grace of God.

Sinai ’98: Multi-National Force Observers and Teddy the Time Bomb


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Veterans’ Tales by Allen Nessa

I was the Battalion Mortar Platoon Sergeant in the Red Falcons (1/325 AIR) when we went to Sinai, those were the days.  My platoon was attached to Alpha Company as a fourth platoon.  We executed a real world peacekeeping mission, executed amazing training and partied like the Infantry for six months.  It was nice being a platoon sergeant in a line company, much simpler than HHC.  Alpha Company’s First Sergeant was one of my heroes so that was a huge plus.

His nickname was Teddy the Time Bomb.  I saw him in action while I was inprocessing The Division in ’97.  I walked down to see a buddy of mine from The Trail.  We’d been Drill Sergeants in the same company.  As I stepped into the company area there was a formation being called to attention.The Time Bomb went off.

There had been a jump the night before, Alpha Company had a “jump refusal.”  That’s when some dumbass suddenly decides he’s not enough of a dumbass to exit an aircraft while in flight, while the aircraft is in flight.  Once the aircraft is in flight its too late to decide that jumping is a bad idea.  You should have douched with salt water and vinegar then sucked it up and drove on long before you boarded the aircraft.  Unfortunately we could no longer kick or throw them out the door, political correctness was becoming oppressive.  Rather than put a boot in this young private’s ass and allow him to retain his man card, the jumpmasters had to unhook him, screw everyone else over and hopefully make another pass at the drop zone so everyone else could exit[…]

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Kimba Wood: There is no Joyrider’s Exemption on the American Civics Test


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Source: Pixabay.

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I’m tooling up I-81 in New York, going from Binghamton to Schenectady. Moderate traffic, speed limit 70, but as the old saying goes, I keep pace with traffic….which is closer to 80. My rule has always been to hang in the right lane, change only to get by trucks and old granddads in their Ford wagons. Several cars buzz by me on the left.

Then suddenly a trooper comes up behind, turns on his lights. My first act is to look down, yep, 77.  I pull over, and while Sgt Do-Right calls my tags in, straightens his gig line and puts on his Mounties hat, I rummage through the glove box for my papers.

Sarge walks up, bends down and peers in, and I roll down the window. The first words out of my mouth are, “What was wrong with all those other guys?”, nodding to all the Millennium Falcons jumping into hyper-space.

“You were driving 78 in a 70 mph speed zone, sir.”

Oh, well.  A Georgia cop would have smiled, and said, “This just ain’tchore lucky day, is it.”

Which would have been true enough when you stop and think about it. The Chinese would have said “Bad joss.” Or “The stars are not with you today.”

Fatalism, sheer chance, probably provides more answers than we want to admit, but still, we have to come up with a causation as to why Sgt Do-Right selected my car out of at least two dozen equally guilty speeders.

Was it the color of my car? Black? Or was it the color of my skin? (These days white skin offends almost as much as every black man who was ever pulled over on the New Jersey Turnpike will swear to.) More likely it was the color of my license plate, Virginia-white instead of New York gold[…]

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