Former Congressional Staffers Guerilla Warfare Campaign Against Trump, GOP


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Former Congressional Staffers refusing to accept the 2016 presidential elections results have formed Indivisible, an anti-Trump organization (as if the atmosphere isn’t toxic enough) and manifesto for fellow disgruntled fascists fomenting discord entitled, Indivisible: A practical guide for resisting the Trump Agenda.” [See Guide near bottom of post.]

According to The Daily Kos, the guide is a “defensive approach purely focused on stopping Trump from implementing an agenda built on racism, authoritarianism, and corruption” intended to gin up the masses for the 2018 and 2020 elections is nothing short of guerilla warfare against the president, his administration and the GOP.

The manifesto was prepared and is maintained by “Former Congressional staffers” Angel Padilla, Billy Fleming, Caroline Kavit, Emily Phelps, Ezra Levin, Gonzalo Martínez de Vedia, Indivar Dutta- Gupta, Jennay Ghowrwl, Jeremy Haile, Leah Greenberg, Mary Humphreys, Matt Traldi, Sara Clough, and Sarah Dohl.

Who is Indivisible? Page 2 of the guide states:

“We: Are former progressive congressional staffers who saw the Tea Party beat back President Obama’s agenda.

We: See the enthusiasm to fight the Trump agenda and want to share insider info on how best to influence Congress to do that.

You: Want to do your part to beat back the Trump agenda, and understand that will require more than calls and petitions.”

The recommendations in the guide are starting points or so they say for the already unhinged.

“You: Should use this guide, share it, amend it, make it your own, and get to work.”

Its purpose as claimed is to “reveal best practices for making Congress listen.”

Notice the deliberate play on words, intended to deceive starting with the name of the organization “Indivisible” taken from the Pledge of Allegiance by the left who take a knee to the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance and making Congress listen” a play on the phrase “make DC listen” coined by Senator Ted Cruz and used by the Tea Party which is an admission of that which Progressives have denied for years and that is the success of the Tea Party[i].

See the New York Times January 2, 2017 article written by three co-founders of Indivisible, i.e., Ezra Levin, Leah Greenberg And Angel Padilla entitled, To Stop Trump, Democrats Can Learn From the Tea Party (excerpt below):

The Tea Party’s success was a disaster for President Obama’s agenda and for our country, but that success should give us hope today. It proved the power that local, defensive organizing can have.

With this in mind, we coordinated a group of former congressional staffers and advocates to develop “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.” It takes a few pages from the Tea Party playbook, focusing on its strategic choices and tactics, while dispensing with its viciousness. It’s the Tea Party inverted: locally driven advocacy built on inclusion, fairness and respect. It’s playing defense, not to obstruct, but to protect.

The guide is informed by a simple principle: Federal policy change in the next four years doesn’t depend on Mr. Trump but on whether our representatives support or oppose him. And through local pressure, we have the power to shape what they consider possible….

while dispensing with its viciousness…”  The Tea Party, vicious? Really?  Like a rabid fascist jackass shouting “love trumps hate” while bashing in a Trump supporters’ head or car windows.  Indivisible, Organizing for Action and all other community organizations involved in the war against the Republic is the exact opposite of the Tea Party. Moving on.

According to its website, Indivisible energizes and informs Americans about government’s potential and enlists them to imagine and create the government we need for all to have a safe, healthy, just and prosperous future.”


Not mentioned in the guide but very much involved is Robert Reich, who has created a series of propaganda videos such as 100 Days Resistance, Trump’s Infrastructure Scam, Trump Syndromes with several before, in between and the final two videos Tyrant and  Town Hall Resistance Guide.  Sedition!

The website instructs useful idiots on how to commandeer a town hall meeting, stalk track down and corner stalk Republicans. Especially since many Republicans have opted not to hold town halls during their break next week.  Others will send their aides.

The purpose is to bully and distract Republican bureaucrats (such as GOP leadership in the House and the Senate the primary targets) away from their agenda which as we can see from the White House leaks had in some instances slowed the President down.

As you can see by the hysterics that Progressive leadership in both Houses, their pundits, and media machine are employing this tactic.  They must have enjoyed President Trump’s press conference Thursday more than they’re letting on. It was at least an hour and a half that part of Obama’s legacy was not being reversed.

Below are some pages that caught my attention.

  • Page 6 of the guide, focuses on what the Tea Party did wrong (propaganda), “They were almost purely defensive.  How could we? [See screenshot]


  • Page 7 – USING THESE LESSONS TO FIGHT THE TRUMP AGENDA” – [See screenshot beneath excerpt]

“For the next two years, Donald Trump and congressional Republicans will control the federal government. But they will depend on just about every MoC to actually get laws passed. And those MoCs care much more about getting reelected than they care about any specific issue. By adopting a defensive strategy that pressures MoCs, we can achieve the following goals:

Stall the Trump agenda by forcing them to redirect energy away from their priorities. Congressional offices have limited time and limited people. A day that they spend worrying about you is a day that they’re not ending Medicare, privatizing public schools, or preparing a Muslim registry….”


  • Page 16 – “NOTE ON SAFETY AND PRIVILEGE” (bring out the snowflakes, the propaganda and the lies to gin up useful idiots itching for a fight) – Inciting violence:

“We do not yet know how Trump supporters will respond to organized shows of opposition, but we have seen enough to be very concerned that minorities will be targeted or singled out. Plan your actions to ensure that no one is asked to take on a role that they are not comfortable with — especially those roles that call for semi-confrontational behavior — and be mindful of the fact that not everyone is facing an equal level of threat. Members of your group who enjoy more privilege should think carefully about how they can ensure that they are using their privilege to support other members of the group. If you are concerned about potential law enforcement intimidation, consider downloading your state’s version of the ACLU Mobile Justice app to ensure that any intimidating behavior is captured on film. Please familiarize yourself with your state and local laws that govern recording, along with any applicable Senate or House rules, prior to recording. These laws and rules vary substantially from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


Pages 17 – 26 are about infiltrating, obstruction, alerting the media and recording of the town hall [my emphasis], district offices and public events, actions of which we have witnessed over the past eight years. See manifest in its entirety below.

indivisibleguide_2017-01-29_v8 [pdf format]
During the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama said,

We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. We need to use technology to connect people to service. We’ll expand USA Freedom Corps to create online networks where American can browse opportunities to volunteer. You’ll be able to search by category, time commitment and skill sets. You’ll be able to rate service opportunities, build service networks, and create your own service pages to track your hours and activities.

This will empower more Americans to craft their own service agenda and make their own change from the bottom up.”

Who would ever have imagined a former sitting American president plotting the destruction and termination of the presidency of the recently inaugurated president.

Who would have imagined former Congressional staffers under the former sitting president, the media, elected and non-elected bureaucrats colluding to delegitimize, impeach, thwart the agenda of and stage events with the aid of still federally employed staffers that would lead to prematurely terminating the tenure of a sitting president.

Staffers of whom are themselves strategizing to circumvent the president’s agenda?  Suggested reading:  Republicans want to investigate EPA employees for using Signal to strategize how to thwart Republicans.

I hope Scott Pruitt who has just been confirmed to run the EPA has the stomach for what’s to come.

What is playing out here is not a novel but Barack Obama’s army.  Obama, Congressional staffers, the Progressive leadership, goons like the mental midget Robert Reich and media propagandists have given their blessings to acts of insubordination by federal employees, riots, assaults on Americans, hateful rhetoric all of which is threat to the Republic and the President of the United States.

While this is Obama’s legacy which must be denied, at what point is the line crossed into treason? Sedition?

When does it become necessary to find the head of the snake and cut it off meaning (better clarify that), start bringing people up on charges and throw them in prison?

Will it come to that?


[i]               These organizations have nothing in common with Conservatives and fleeing Democrats who last year voted Republicans into all three branches of government. What the left will never acknowledge is that we had help from a higher authority.


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Black Female Trump Supporter “Black Community has been destroyed by RACIST ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”


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Something else that you will NEVER see on the news, i.e., Black Americans calling out the effect of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities on the Black community.  This woman speaks truth to power!

H/t Investment Watch Blog.

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Special Assistant to President Trump Discusses Israel/US Relationship


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Published on Feb 16, 2017 by One America News Network

One America’s Chief White House Correspondent spoke to the Special Assistant to the President Boris Epshteyn following the press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump. Epshteyn says the U.S. and Israel are closer than ever.

War Gaming, Part II: The Flynn-Spin


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Continuing where he left off, here is part II of Vassar Bushmills’ War Gaming essay.

Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

  • (see Part I, Introduction, here.)

In December, 1941, America went to war, and that war wasn’t over until September, 1945. Almost four years.

The whole nation went to war those four years, giving far more of their time, some of it on their knees, than most unpaid patriots do today.

This war we have declared also will require our entire support. So put your life on a wartime footing, just like your parents and grandparents did. Don’t get tired, and don’t get impatient about it not ending quicker, or about the few trip-ups that will come along the way. It will take at least four years to put this war to bed.

This is a 24/7 war, Mr Trump, so hire a 3rd shift.

The good news is that, unlike your parent’s and grandparent’s day, the outcome is already decided…if we keep our resolve. Remember, the Left’s war is all about us and changing our minds. Their objective is to cower us back into silence and obedience. And it’s our objective to crush them like cockroaches.

But unlike World War II, where people followed the war by listening to the nightly news on the radio (even though no family knew exactly where their men were) and could go read the morning headlines posted at several public locations, the news today comes in fast and furious, in print, television, internet, Facebook and Twitter. Unrelenting.

Much of it isn’t true. And there’s a reason for it.

So take note, the purpose of the pace of news is, in part, to create a sense of urgency in readers, that adverse events are building up, or unraveling, very quickly. If you look at the Yahoo! Home page on any given day you will see at least a dozen stories, news flashes and analyses, all negative to Donald Trump. And they will roll off the page every few hours, replaced by others.

If you have an inquiring mind and actually read the opening paragraphs, (doesn’t take long), you will also find that almost all their stories are based on false news, or, as the lawyers like to say, “facts not in evidence.” Most report rumors, unnamed sources, speculations, from well-placed persons, then try to tie these to still other events, themselves often of questionable veracity as well, and then try to them tie them neatly into a matrix of fact, lie and suggestion, that only a team of lawyers can unravel.

The Media assumption is that we won’t try (and their own loyal readers unable) or, as has been the case since before the election that we won’t bother. Media lies always have legs. We can make a list of media stories, totally disproved months ago, yet still out there, being used an anchor to support some more recent lie.

Clearly the Media has other purposes in mind, especially to wear us out, “lie-fatigue”, and to show our elected officials in Congress the folly of being fearing their voters. After all, hasn’t the Media and Democrats taken care of them in the past? So, at least until we all know who in Congress is, and isn’t, on our side 100%, we need to send out that little signal, “You ride with criminals, expect to hang with them.” I’m certain an impeachment-proof majority will get that message. Just make sure the milkman leaves that note in their bottle at least once a week.

The Flynn-Spin

Donald Trump made a lot of promises, and came out of the gate swinging, at a dizzying pace, and much of the news today is designed to do nothing more than throw Trump and his whole staff into a state of confusion. It’s like a roof that springs many leaks simultaneously, the idea being that you have to drop everything else and tend to those leaks first. The Media wants to create an image of a president under siege, where a “bunker mentality” then sets in, as was used to describe the Nixon White House leading up to his resignation in 1974.

I think, in his years in business, this sort of bang-bang-bang news is not new to Donald Trump, maybe even in his wheel house. I like to think his team is fully in charge of events to the extent they can control them. What they cannot control are those people crawling up on the roof and punching holes in it.


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NPR: Resettlement contractors claim they have been told that new arrivals will end March 3

How sweet it is.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

“You don’t need to have a moratorium to slow the refugee resettlement program to the point where it dries up and withers on the vine.”

(Bill Frelick)

We get some juicy news herefrom a National Public Radio story from yesterday ….

deborah-amos The federal contractors shared the guidance they received from the State Department with NPR reporter Amos. Is anyone going to share it with Breitbart or World Net Daily? Don’t hold your breath!

First reporter Deborah Amos tells us that the State Department has said there will be no more refugees arriving in the US after March 3.  Is that because they expect to hit the 50,000 ceiling by then? Not likely unless they plan to haul them in at 1000 a day! (We were just short of 35,000 as of this morning.) So it is unclear if this is a hard and fast date.

The resettlement contractors…

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Progressive FEC Commissioner Potentially Violated Federal Ethics Laws w/Trump Demand


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Ellen L. Weintraub, Comm. FEC @ Democracy Awakening Rally 2016, Wash. D.C. Source: Public Citizen_Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Ellen L. Weintraub, Comm. FEC @ Democracy Awakening Rally 2016, Wash. D.C. Source: Public Citizen_Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Message to every Barack Obama holdover jumping on Obama’s train named, “Sedition,” you do so at your own risk.” Shhh.

Case in point, FEC Commissioner, Ellen Weintraub’s letter dated February 10th challenging President Trump’s claims of voter fraud in the 2016 elections. Weintraub, an arrogant Progressive, wrote the letter on FEC letterhead. Oops!

Washington Free Beacon by Joe Schoffstall

A Democratic Federal Elections Commission official may have violated federal ethics laws in her quest to have President Donald Trump provide proof that voter fraud occurred in New Hampshire during the 2016 elections, experts say.

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, who has for days called on Trump to prove his claim that he and former Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire due to voter fraud, released an official statement Feb. 10 asking Trump to substantiate the scheme.

“According to widespread news reports circulating today, President Trump has alleged an astonishing voter-fraud scheme that he claims denied him and former Sen. Kelly Ayotte victory in the state of New Hampshire in the 2016 elections,” the statement reads[…]

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You can view letter here.

Apparently, Weintraub is yet another political hack as we can see from her appearance at last year’s Democracy Awakening Rally in Washington, D.C. (image above, video below).


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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Slams GOP Based on Fake Flynn Twitter Account


If Progressives were not becoming more unhinged and dangerous by the hour, Nancy Pelosi’s latest faux pas would be hilarious. And she says this stuff with a straight face.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s press conference Tuesday was interesting, to say the least.

Not only did she spend an inordinate amount of time explaining the definition of the word ‘scapegoat’ to people who already know the definition of the word ‘scapegoat,’ but she was talking about it in the first place because it was used in a tweet sent out by a fake Gen. Michael Flynn Twitter account–something completely lost on her[…]

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During the press conference, race baiter aka house slave on the Progressive plantation, Elijah Cummings also cited the fake tweets.

Below is a shot of the fake tweets that Pelosi and her merry band of idiots was referring to in the press conference.


Apparently, fact checking is non-existent among Progressives. The mainstream media fell for the above tweets as well.

Lt. General Michael Flynn responded accordingly and rightfully so, provided this is Flynn’s real account, anyway. Just thought I’d put it out there.

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