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I have been very quiet this week about the death of President George H. W. Bush.

Each time that I thought to write even a short blurb on the 41st President of the United States, it is not that I came up blank, with much “bordering” on the negative, i.e., “bordering”, you get it…illegal immigration? Building that wall followed by the next that comes to mind, i.e., Bush’s infamous “Read my lips, no new taxes” pledge, results of which were heralded at POTUS41’s funeral Wednesday by former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson.  On the bright side, as we say, there is POTUS41’s World War II service record.

In addition to George H. W. Bush being the youngest naval aviator in American history, his legacy is that of being the last president to serve in combat in addition to being “the last of the ‘Greatest Generation’ chief executives.”

We thank POTUS 41 and his family for their service.

In spite a week’s worth of propaganda espoused by the globalist media establishment to canonize fellow globalist George H. W. Bush for the purpose of de-legitimizing President Donald J. Trump., the Communist media complex and comrades have exposed themselves once again. Their amoral mindset is and will always be that the only good Republican is a dead Republican.

Thus, I have chosen to remain silent, i.e., until I received the following article written by Dov Fischer of The American Spectator in an email from Tabitha Korol.

While I do not agree with everything in the article, it’s still worth sharing and reading in its entirety.  Enjoy.

Presidents Bush and Gorbachev sign United States/Soviet Union agreements in the East Room of the White House. June 1, 1990 - Photo Credit: <a href="https://georgehwbush.com/presidency#ctop">George Bush Presidential Library and Museum</a>

Presidents Bush and Gorbachev sign United States/Soviet Union agreements in the East Room of the White House. June 1, 1990 – Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

American Spectator by Dov Fischer (excerpt)

…How fitting that long before we all became cognizant of the media’s indulgence in “Fake News” and lying to the American people to push their liberal Democrat agenda, it was that media that described this man as a “wimp”! Newsweek ran a cover story on him: “The Wimp Factor.” This man was a war hero, and the wimps who wrote about him would have released their urine in their pants if they had confronted even one-tenth the danger that this man of courage and bravery faced and over which he triumphed gallantly. But I can never forgive him for two things: one microcosmic and one macrocosmic.

The Microcosmic: James A. Baker III and the Hate

Microcosmic — he had James A. Baker III as his Secretary of State. Baker was the worst public anti-Semite in high government office since the time of World War II. I can forgive Baker for hating Jews because that is his DNA. I cannot expect someone to overcome his DNA. But I cannot forgive Bush for allowing Baker to run roughshod over Israel and for his despicable quoted closed-door comments about Jews[…]

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