Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

Otherwise Titled: Our 21st Century Paratrooper (Allen Ness) Updates this 20th Century Garritrooper (Vassar) about Sexual Misconduct in the Modern Military

My comment: Damn! Anything that interferes with the harmony and cohesion of this organic team, off with their heads.

False accusations of rape/sexual harassment are running amok in the Army these days. Half the lawmakers see the Army as the Defense of our Nation the other half see’s it as a petri dish for their social justice programs, and in the #MeToo era the Services feel real political pressure to support powerful and corrupt political leadership. Ring-knockers, Block-checkers and Ass-kissers abound. The last Democrat administration put a concerted effort into taking all the testosterone out of the Officers corps, replacing them with the personality types I listed above.

Banning sex during deployments didn’t help any. First off a good rule for those in command is to “Never give an order you know will be disobeyed.” 75% of an Infantry Platoon is under the age of 21, you do the math[…]

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