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ICYMI, Rachel Mitchell, the Arizona prosecutor who questioned Christine Blasey Ford last week during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee released the following analysis and as expected, rabid Marxists are not happy.

Mitchell’s nine page analysis obliterated the Ford narrative which most of us knew from day one was full of holes.  According to  Mitchell, described Ford’s testimony as, “A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that.”

Mitchell points out that about the only thing that Ford is sure of is that as stated last week during her testimony that she is “100%” certain that Judge Kavanaugh raped her [my emphasis].

Fox News by Edmund DeMarche

“While it is common for victims to be uncertain about dates, Dr. Ford failed to explain how she was suddenly able to narrow the timeframe to a particular season and particular year,” she wrote.

Mitchell also pointed out that Ford has a history of struggling to name Kavanaugh as her attacker. Mitchell noted that his name was not in notes from her 2012 marriage therapy or her individual therapy in 2013.

Ford also appears unable to remember key elements about the incident, Mitchell wrote. She does not recall how she got to the party or back home and she does not remember the house where the alleged assault took place[…]

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And then there is, of course, the lack of corroboration even by Ford’s friend, Leyland Keyser.

See Mitchell’s analysis below: