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Veterans Tales by Vassar Bushmills

VeteransTales.org (http://www.veteranstales.org/ )and The Veterans USA 15:13 Foundation (under construction, http://www.theveteransusa15-13foundation.org/) are dedicated to preserving the stories and histories of Veterans on the other, and providing a teaching and education platform for Veterans on the other

I’ve just published the first of several lectures that we’d like to offer to Veterans to be able to use in their home towns directed to 16-18 year kids who, for the past 30 years, have seen America’s exceptional place in history de-emphasized to the point that it has turned downright negative, where in many parts of the country public school children have been taught that we are the principal source of misery in the country.

We at the Foundation believe Veterans are in a unique position to reverse this in enough high school students’ minds to begin an undercurrent in their communities to offset this imbalance.

Simply put, Veterans have had skin in the game, therefore street cred to be able to talk to students about things they haven’t been taught but should know.

We tell our Tales in the body of the VeteransTales.org, and have compiled our Teaching essays in a niche called “VETS IN CLASS” found just below the banner. We will transfer those over to the Foundation site once it’s ready.

This week we published our first Lecture, describing for the Vet a roadmap to teaching young people who are not particularly interested in the subject, and may only be there because their parents sent them. “First Principles” http://www.veteranstales.org/2018/09/23/first-principles-teaching-students-who-arent-interested/

Please read as this will give you some insight as to what we’re hoping to achieve.

We’re a two-man team with no staff, and would like to grow to about five (5) over the next year[…]

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