Veterans’ Tales by Allen Ness

Aug 23, 2003

Uncle Hank,

The rest of the Battalion and the Brigade have moved in.  We can’t shoot the mortars anymore, Brigade Artillery has taken over and they’re so slow at clearing fires we can’t shoot.  Its total bullshit according to Sarnt Spear, he hates artillery with a white hot passion.  We just got word that half of the platoon is moving south of the Euphrates to a COP, Company Out Post.  It’ll be us and half of Delta Company.  We got a warning order but no details.

We’ve been surrounded by embedded journalists since we got here.  One actually rode with us on the last mission.  Sarnt Spear threatened to shoot them himself if they turned on a white light or pissed him off in any other way.  I think they were scared to do anything, Sarnt Spear sounded pretty serious to me.  The LT and the reporter were butt-hurt but Sarnt Spear didn’t give a damn.  He say’s they’re all communists and oughta be killed anyway.  Except for LTC Oliver North, according to Sarnt Spear LTC North stood by Reagan’s side during some Iran-Contra shit and is a paragon of Americanism.  You might know more about that than I do[…]

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