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A little more than a decade ago, after coming to grips with suspicions and newfound revelations that the Democratic Party had betrayed Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, middle class Americans, I became angry and then I became a blogger.

My earlier posts reflect the outrage that I felt by the betrayal of Democratic leaders, in particular, the Congressional Black Caucus and the media. I was besides myself that my suspicions which began around 1990 with Bill Clinton were true.  This leads me to Brandon Straka, a young New Yorker, former Democrat, Caucasian male and member of the LGBT community.

Straka is the founder of the #Walkaway Campaign, an endeavor that sheds light on the illusion, malice and deception that is the Democratic Party currently en route to becoming the Democratic Socialist Party of USA.

Like myself, Straka was shocked to learn that the mainstream media lied, in particular, their war against President Donald J. Trump which portrays the President as the worst sort of human being.

Such revelations tends to force open a door that leads one to ponder, “well, what the hell else have they been lying to me about?”  It is at this point that things begin to get real and getting real is very bad for the party of Jim Crow, Dred Scott and the Black Codes.

Getting real forces one to re-think everything. Further, it tends to set one on a path of no return. To be honest, where Straka and others walking away from the Democratic Party are heading remains to be seen and the Republican Party had better keep that in mind.  Do not assume that fleeing Democrats are going to run toward Republicans without the Republican Party giving them a reason to.

In the case of Straka, I believe that it began with the left’s brainwashing and attacks on white privilege.  (I often wondered if and when white Democrats would finally say, “I refuse to be self-loathing because you choose me to be.”)

Enter Straka, a Hillary Clinton supporters, who is also sending the message that it is okay not to buy into the Democratic Party’s guilt-tripping illusion of white privilege.


…Straka explained that even before the election he started to have some misgivings about the direction the left was taking. He disagreed with the focus on identity politics, as well as political correctness.

Staka didn’t fully abandon the left until a friend showed him a video of liberal media bias. He was struck at how dishonest the press was in its effort to undermine the Trump campaign in 2016:

“A friend of mine came to me and showed me something that pointed out clearly how dishonest the media was in the Donald Trump campaign. How they would isolate moments from his behavior and make it appear as though he were a racist or a bigot or whatever. Now, I didn’t realize this. I thought CNN told the truth. I thought MSNBC told the truth. I thought Rachel Maddow told the truth. So this was mind blowing to me. And once I realized this I went on a quest to find out more, what other things aren’t they being honest about. Which it turns out was quite a lot.”

Staka reached out to friends on the left to talk about what he discovered, but said he was “met with hostility and contempt.” He even lost friends over the issue[…]

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“He even lost friends over the issue…”  I know that feeling well.  The contacts in my address book was cut in half, my emails and phone calls were blocked after informing family members, neighbors, co-workers and so-called friends that I was (a) not voting for Barack Obama and (b) leaving the Democratic Party but not before they informed me that the whole world was laughing at me because they thought that I was stupid.  The patterns of response is nasty on the line of this:

You can imagine the vindication once Donald Trump was elected president.


As expected, the Communist media complex is not handling this very well.

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