The Communist idea of utopia is urine, feces, crime, drugged out homeless people sleepy in shanties, correction it’s 2018 – tents and ping pong tables:

This, I believe is, precisely why Progressives want to legalize marijuana and not just any marijuana but that which is regulated and controlled by the Communist ruling class who power is incumbent upon the populace being stoned, dumbed down and oblivious to their surroundings?

What makes me go there? Oh nothing except the fact that ping pong tables wouldn’t last a New York minute at a homeless camp in New York City. (Thinking out loud.)

Ping pong tables in the middle of a homeless camp is an insult to the homeless and a weapon to bash heads in.

Fellowship of the Minds

king county courthouse homeless seattle times photo The homeless situation just by the courthouse/Seattle Times photo

You cannot make this stuff up.

About this council member, Sally Bagshaw:

  • Served on the council since 2009
  • Prior to that, she served eight years as Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Began her legal career as an Assistant Attorney General after graduating from Stanford University and the University of Idaho Law School
  • Has also served as business and finance lawyer for both Washington State University and University of Washington

From (by Jason Rantz): The area surrounding the King County Courthouse in downtown Seattle is dangerous. Crime is rampant. Homelessness is out of control.

It’s not safe to visit as a juror. It’s not safe to work in the buildings nearby. You can’t even walk around the neighborhood without olfactory offenses, human waste everywhere.

The solution? Ping-Pong!

Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw says…

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