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The Drummer Boy by William Morris Hunt, Circa 1862

Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

A word from the Garritrooper, just so you’ll know where we intend to go with VeteransTales.org. and the Veterans 15:13 Foundation

A Little Background

In the mid-80s, when I was in industry, a second-shift floor mechanic came up to me and said, “If you’ll put me on first shift and give me a little raise, I’ll work harder.”

No, really. He said that.

Yet here we are begging for a raise, without a proven product, or for that matter, any indication we can actually deliver the goods.

The wise donor has to first agree that what we want to accomplish at VeteranTales is worthwhile, but also uniquely so; that it is not something you can pick off the shelfnice at Walmart. We prove that here.

Then second the donor to assume that no one else out there with greater bona fides isn’t attempting the same thing. Arguably this can be proved anecdotally by simply stating this Veterans USA 15:13 effort is swimming in waters no one in the veterans’ world is exploring. What we offer is different, the opportunity to trade on”being American”, which almost no one pays attention to anymore, yet is so important to our future.

It would also be nice if someone more notable than us could vouch for us. What if someone like John Kerry had agreed to serve as our Honorary Chairman? He’s a veteran, you know, and I think he still holds the combined service record for most Purple Hearts received without ever drawing blood. Would that help?

Third, you have to believe that we have the skills to cause this project to take shape according to our Mission Statement, below.

We have resumes, found in our writings and stories, at UnifiedPatriots.com and VassarBushmills.com, on subjects far afield from veterans’ affairs, but very near and dear to the heartbeat of ordinary Americans[…]

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Editor’s Note: Allen Ness and Vassar Bushmills are working hard toward the full achievement of Veterans’ Tales, whose entire endeavor is centered around our veterans.  

Looking for sponsors,  Veterans’ Tales, a dedicated forum to and for our veterans,is holding a fundraiser.  As stated in Vassar’s missive below, “…Veterans’ Tales is not political, nor can it be, for protecting the essence of American culture has to be a bottom-up endeavor…Our 501c3 non-profit, Veterans USA 15:13 Foundation, will be fully operational by year’s end.”

[Disclosure: PUMABydesign001 is a Founding Sponsor of Veterans’ Tales.] Please visit Veterans’ Tales, where you can read the mission statement in its entirety. Join us and please pass the word.  Hope to see you there.