Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

It’s been 3 or four years since I’ve been able to offer these, as I haven’t been back to Sofia since 2010. My good friend, Mimi Tracheva, who provided us with the last lot, was able to pick these out after the Orthodox Easter and Feast of St George in April.

VeteransTales is in the process of being a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your purchase will be tax deductible, and 20% of the sales price will be kept by VeteransTales.

They are painted by known artists associated with several Orthodox Churches and monasteries in Bulgaria, and Mimi will include her card and the artist’s name on that card when she mails it to you.

There are two (2) sizes: 15cm x 20 cm (approximately 6″ x 8″) and 24cm x 32 cm (approximately 9 1/2″ x 13″) and shipping direct to you from Bulgaria will be USD $15 for the small, and USD $20 for the larger, included in the sale price.)

(Shipped the other way, US to Bulgaria, postal rates would be much higher, FYI.)

To complete the sale, first come, first served, simply contact me in the COMMENTS what # you want, and proceed directly to make a payment via Paypal to “VeteransTales@gmail.com” and I will immediately inform Mimi, forward the payment, and remove the icon from the sale.

Each buyer will be listed on our “SPONSOR” wall as a Founding Donor.

Even with the mark-up, these prices are still well below world prices for authentic Bulgarian icons. each on solid wood, with a variety of backings, in historic motifs that go back to the Middle Ages.

Featured are Our Lady of Vladimir (Vladimirska)Our Lady of Kazan (Kazanska)Archangel St Michael in various renderings, and St George and the Dragon, incl a version with a little boy on the back of his horse, who St George rescued from slavery after a prayer from his mother. (the position of the baby Jesus, right shoulder or left, tells you which is which)

I’ve been to both Kazan and Vladimir, both east of Moscow, both cities spared by God from the Mongol Horde because the people prayed to the Virgin. Very holy cities before the Soviets, and once again, I’m told.

St George (also the patron saint of England as well as the archetypal enemy of the Turks), St Michael and St Demetrious (Dmitri) are all favorite saints of soldiers, for they do battle with Evil.


(Also note that these are photos of photos so may appear grainy. IF FOR ANY REASON you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact me at vbushmills@gmail.com and I will provide you with a full refund.)

Panel #1   (below) 6 x 8 inches  $75.00 Delivered

Mad-1   Our Lady of Kazan 

Mad-2   Our Lady of Kazan

Vlad-3   Our Lady of Vladimir

Panel #2 (below) 6 x 8 inches $75.00 Delivered

Kaz-4 Our Lady of Kazan

Kaz-5   Our Lady of Kazan

Vlad-6  Our Lady of Vladimir

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