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Last night President Trump held a rally in Elkhart, Indiana last evening.  The rally was more of a campaign against swamp critic Senator Joe Donnelly aka “Sleepin’ Joe,” Democrat.

Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald J. Trump delivered rousing speeches last night rallying their support behind Republican candidate, Mike Braun, who earlier this week won the Republican Senate primary in Indiana, one of many victories this week for the Republican Party. [Note:  Indiana is VP’ Pence’s hometown.]

Braun’s victory was, of course, a win for the President in light of the fact that Democrats and the Communist media complex are labeling primaries a referendum on Trump.

Last evening, we saw and heard Vintage Trump who speaking before a full house of Trump supporters touted his accomplishments, called out and stuck it to his enemies, announced his support for the Indiana Republican Senate candidate, as did Vice President Pence, discussed foreign policy including pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal, North Korea’s release of three Americans this week, etc.

In addition, President Trump promised more winning and his 2020 Presidential Campaign slogan,  “‘Keep America Great’ exclamation point.”

Below is the video of the spirited rally which begins at 09:14.  Shortly thereafter at 11:15 of the video Vice President Mike Pence makes his appearance and received a hearty welcome from fellow Hoosiers.


During his speech, the Vice President delivered to fellow Hoosiers a chronology of Donnelly’s failed voting record up until his alleged intent vote “No” against the confirmation of Trump CIA nominee, Gina Haspel.  [Donnelly has so far not stated which way he is voting on Haspel’s confirmation but a little heat may force the Democrat’s hand while sending the message that voters have their eyes on him.]

Pence’s speech was a rousing prelude touting the virtues of Mike Braun, “Mike Braun will stand with President Donald Trump.” Gracious as always, VP Pence thanks fellow hoosiers for their role in the 2016 presidential election leading into the introduction  and speech of President Trump which begins at approximately 27:00 of the video.