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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

This is a serious question.

I don’t want to spend 2000 words restating SitReps I’ve been making since for several years. So, for your benefit I’ve provided links to reports I’ve posted since 2013 at the end.. (There’s an element of redundancy there, but each covers a different piece of Leftist operational territory that needs to be considered.)

Today we’re focusing on the quickening by the education sector of the Left since the election of Donald Trump. Some may even say because of it, for there is an understanding in counterterrorism thinking that if you know your opponents’ end game, anything you can do to rattle their plans, causing them to do today what they would prefer to do next year is a minor victory.

The public education sector is the Left’s centerpiece for final victory, taking over America, for it is a sector they can totally control and which can replicate itself without outside interference.

If you ever learn anything about the Left it’s that they live and die by a Plan, and are among history’s worse when having to execute operations on the run, without a plan.

Only grass-roots America can blight that Plan’s path.

Every level of government where we live is infested with corruption, and in the beginning, from the articles below, were designed to deal with most of them at the local level[…]

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