Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

 There are people who can walk into the Veteran’s Administration and fix it with a wrench and pair of pliers. Ronny Jackson is one, but just one, there are many others. They are called medical doctors. And as doctors, just like Donald Trump was in business, they see their world totally in terms of “mission” – to first diagnose, then treat, then heal. Good doctors hire paper-shufflers to do the rest.

My favorite MD, a fellow named House, said that every correct diagnosis begins with a unified theory and that unified theory in medicine is that the patient get the best possible care.

Successful doctors practice this every day, just as successful businessmen do. With this simple rule Donald Trump began a clean-up of Washington, affectionately known as The Swamp, in places where the finest, most accomplished paper-hanging bureaucrats known to Christendom, floundered, many of them brought in from the private sector corporate world[…]

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