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Veterans’ Tales by Allen Nessa

I was the Battalion Mortar Platoon Sergeant in the Red Falcons (1/325 AIR) when we went to Sinai, those were the days.  My platoon was attached to Alpha Company as a fourth platoon.  We executed a real world peacekeeping mission, executed amazing training and partied like the Infantry for six months.  It was nice being a platoon sergeant in a line company, much simpler than HHC.  Alpha Company’s First Sergeant was one of my heroes so that was a huge plus.

His nickname was Teddy the Time Bomb.  I saw him in action while I was inprocessing The Division in ’97.  I walked down to see a buddy of mine from The Trail.  We’d been Drill Sergeants in the same company.  As I stepped into the company area there was a formation being called to attention.The Time Bomb went off.

There had been a jump the night before, Alpha Company had a “jump refusal.”  That’s when some dumbass suddenly decides he’s not enough of a dumbass to exit an aircraft while in flight, while the aircraft is in flight.  Once the aircraft is in flight its too late to decide that jumping is a bad idea.  You should have douched with salt water and vinegar then sucked it up and drove on long before you boarded the aircraft.  Unfortunately we could no longer kick or throw them out the door, political correctness was becoming oppressive.  Rather than put a boot in this young private’s ass and allow him to retain his man card, the jumpmasters had to unhook him, screw everyone else over and hopefully make another pass at the drop zone so everyone else could exit[…]

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