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Unified Patriots by JadedbyPolitics

Not a day goes by that another story is put out how privileged whites are and how they must pay for that privilege No Whites Allowed In The Pool There is a whole industry set up around this racism This Is Your Child’s Teachers Brain On White Racist Crack

(Scripps College) After the Independent reported that event organizers segregated tonight’s pool party at Scripps College, barring white students from attending, the organizers changed their event’s description to allow all students regardless of race at the Claremont Colleges

(Annual White Privilege Conference) Thursday marked the start of “The 17th Annual White Privilege Conference” and this year’s theme is “Let Freedom Ring, Re-Imagining Equality & Social Justice in the United States.”

white privilege The annual event is aimed at promoting the theory of White Privilege – that American society is hopelessly stacked against minorities and the only way to fix the system is for white people to acknowledge their immense “privilege” and repent.

“Our vision is to build a community committed to dismantling white privilege, white supremacy and oppression, every day, everywhere,” wrote Eddie Moore Jr., founder and president of “The Privilege Institute,” which organizes the event.

If you’ve thought to yourself what is different about the above and the KKK and Democrats hatred of blacks in the 20th century, the answer is absolutely nothing. What you are witnessing is exactly what black families witnessed every day throughout America for about the first 70 years of the 20th century. The press, media, government and public schools all pushed hatred of people whose skin color wasn’t white The true danger to our way of life is not foreign or military, it is within our hearts.. Now fast forward to the 21st century and we start the first 18 years with a Overton Window of hatred being pushed by all the same players but the skin color is white. You might even say to yourself, those people who are pushing this hatred are white. You’d be correct and those whites are gathering together a plantation of people of color to manipulate and to fill full of hatred against whites, not the rich lily whites who are pushing it, no the poor whites who cannot fight back. You see those whites are all about the power, they could care less what anyone’s color is except as a means to take power. At 52 years old and growing up in Baltimore City the racism of the black communities was on the wane in the 70s and so I didn’t see the insidious nature of the decades of racism in the press, media, government and public schools[…]

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