Veterans’ Tales by Allen Ness

I must apologize for the dearth of tales, I’m blaming it on spring.  Work is crazier by the day.  This is the first time this week that I’ve seen 2000 hours, every other night I was asleep in the chair by then.  We’re expecting 12 to 18 inches of snow tomorrow and Saturday so I’ll get some fresh stuff up.

Y’all know the kid with the inverted midas-touch.  When King Midas touched something it turned to gold, when this kid touches something it turns to shit.  He always has the best of intentions and is doing his utmost to do the right thing but it always turns to shit.

This poor bastard came to my platoon in the 325th AIR in ’97 or so, innocent looking kid fresh off the farm.  We got him in-processed and within a week he was jumping “Large Package Week” with us.  Once a month The Division executed Large Package Week, aircraft showed up from all over the place and each Brigade would execute an airborne operation.  We were going to seize an airfield on Sicily Drop Zone and Private Midas was making his “first jump in Division.”  We buddied PVT Midas up with a couple squared away Specialists they scooped him up on the drop zone and set out for the assembly area[…]

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