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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

In Richmond, the old capital of the Confederacy, there’s a famous street called Monument Avenue, where stands Virginia’s great generals from that war. They’ve been much in the news the past several months for many people would like to see them removed.

But among those statues is one dedicated to Arthur Ashe, a Richmond native, who was the son of the resident handyman of a segregated park for black children, which contained, among other things, four tennis courts. Showing aptitude for a sport he would otherwise never have an opportunity to try, Ashe played his way into an athletic scholarship at UCLA, then to remain an amateur for four years as a lieutenant in the Army, where, while posted at West Point, he was able to compete, but as an amateur only, during which time he earned berths on the US Davis Cup Team, the US winning the championships twice, plus also winning solo the  US Amateur Championship[…]

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Photo: Tiger Woods and Earl Woods, Credits: Wikimedia Commons, public domain.