Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

These are just my thoughts, but I’ve followed Hillary Clinton’s path for close to thirty years, and the dark path of her coven for closer to fifty.

I don’t think Hillary is attempting a comeback, although, perhaps in her mind, maybe she thinks she is. That depends on whether she has gone round the bend or not, and if so, how far? And with whose help?

Never confuse unbending ambition with skilled cunning. Hillary stumbled so badly through all her scandals, beginning with Whitewater, but let’s keep it contemporary, and just say that had her run as Secretary as State not been protected by others in power, she’d have been indicted and in jail by 2011.

So pay closer attention to those “others in power” for Hillary was always about as clever as a 7/11 robber using a toy gun.

Clearly “those others” had a need for Hillary, and plans for her, including her last run for president. And they had the means to salve her needs and protect her, not only by the DOJ, but also the media. In all likelihoods there are at least two, not necessarily complementary, camps of “others”, then, and like the sick man who shops for medical specialists, never telling them about each other, sometimes find themselves taking medicines that should never be mixed. (I’ve only known rich men to be able to do this and survive.)

But had Hillary been elected in 2016 her every need and whim would have been provided, even extra lamps to throw at servants. But she would never have been left to her own devices to deal with anything major.

I’m not saying that Hillary is just a child that a parent has to threaten to withhold candy or the cell phone, in order to force her to do her homework. She has to be coddled and cudgeled at the same time, which calls for a deft hand. I imagine how I would have sat down with her to explain why she had to accept $25,000 for an interview that not that long ago could fetch a quarter million. But the far easier path would have been to insure she never knew in the first place. Sleeping in the bubble she’s been living in for several years now, she wouldn’t necessarily know, but I can only speculate here[…]

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