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This is why the Deep State, Communist Media Complex and the Democratic Party, correction Communists are melting down all over the map.  For the past eight years, the rule of law has been non-existent in Washington, D. C. and Communist majority states and locales.

A Hillary Clinton presidency was supposed to (a) continue the thuggery and (b) cover it up until this country was drowning in the antics of a banana republic.

Albeit close, American voters thankfully fought it back and because we did, the nefarious deeds committed and laws broken by Barack Obama and swamp critters of both parties are like dead fish floating to the surface.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

One of the most important findings in the FISA abuse memo released on Friday is being largely ignored. It not only unmasked Carter Page, it unmasked everyone in the “circle”. The circle was Trump’s entire campaign.

Everyone is focusing on the egregious wrongdoing but no one outside of John Fund is stating the obvious core problem.

The administration didn’t exploit the much-talked-about 702. They went to court and claimed Carter Page was a Russian agent so they could spy on everyone in the Trump campaign.

This is why the Democrats are fighting the release of information. This warrant was obtained through deceit with a document put together by Trump haters and funded by the political opposition. It was used to destroy the opposition but he won anyway. If Hillary won, we wouldn’t have known any of this. We owe a great deal to Donald Trump and maybe God[…]

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