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*Image: Joan of Arc’s Death at the Stake by Stilke Hermann Anton (Circa1843) Source: Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

(First published in 2010, then cut from the original website when the new editors realized I was talking about them here, which is an indicator about the youth-cult in conservatism is faring.)

Underneath the hotel I always stayed in Bulgaria is an (unlicensed) Buddha Bar, where the music blared on until 3-4 AM daily. But some of it was unique and interesting, so much so, I wanted a copy and was willing to pay for it. So, one morning I went around to ask about it. So I walked in, and no one was there except a bartender and a floor boss. I said, “Excuse me, but I was wondering…” when I was interrupted with “Get out of my bar, you steenking f**king Amerikan!), so I turned and walked back out.

At least I knew they were Russian.

But don’t you just hate it when people do that to you? When a total stranger walks up to you, looks you up and down, and then says “I hate you. I hope you die.”? Kinda knocks you down, huh? Only in New York do people have ready replies for such a sudden insult. It’s the worst form of assault, to have a person you’ve never met walk up and call you a Bigot, Racist, or Greedy Pig, whatever, you name it, then damn you for it.

Actually, it’s the second worst, as the worst is peeping over the rim of your foxhole and shooting at that perfect stranger 200 yards away, peeping back at you over the top of his foxhole. And that’s the point.

What this is, is war…without guns…being waged against us. They are no longer inhibited by social conventions.  They are emboldened and will do this now without qualm, guilt or shame. And while it is always our desire to live in a live-and-let-live world, they are not. And they don’t believe they should have to, anymore.

They, not you, have announced the stakes of this War.

We often speak of rules of engagement here, but from time to time we need to be reminded what the underlying Terms of Warfare in the this War are:


Nothing more, nothing less. It’s nothing you said, nothing you did. Just who you are.

Get used to it. So go to your closet and learn to deal with it.

I also know what your first knee-jerk reaction is.

So don’t[…]

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