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Grumpy Opinions by Little Tboca

Can we really judge a person’s mental stability by sitting in a chair and reading his or her comments and observing their body language?

Maybe watching this person on national television is the absolute best way to determine if a person is mentally unbalanced.  But, should not we back our analysis with facts that can be proven, not hear say information?

The Liberals prefer arm-chair psychiatry for many reasons, i.e. (1) it is a perfect way to make outlandish comments about the person being observed; (2) it is a way to cover their bet, by selecting psychiatrists, who share the same Communist ideology, even if said credentials appear to be somewhat lacking; and (3) it is the perfect tool or vice to use against one’s political rival legal or illegal.

Let’s play arm-chair psychiatrist; sit back, relax, get a small notebook for brief notations and your recording device to ensure we do not make any mistakes or assume something that is not true.  Oh, and grab a big, very big cup of coffee along with some tasty snacks handy because this session may be a bit lengthy.

Hillary Clinton will be the first person that we analyze because she is well-known by most Americans and she seems to make headlines daily on national television.

Benghazi will be a great starting point, because Clinton, at that time, Secretary of State, told a variety of lies under oath[…]

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