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Grumpy Opinions by Little Tboca

Years ago, a news organization would be devastated if their anchors and journalists devoted 24/7 to creating lies, fake news and propaganda; but times have changed and along with the change, the quality and credibility of journalism has disintegrated.

CNN pays a premium for lies and propaganda and their anchors and journalists make the big bucks by deceiving the American populace. The troubling part of this scenario is this; the bigger the lies and more vicious the attacks on our President, the higher their ratings.

Seems that dirt, corruption laced with lies and propaganda rate at the top of their viewers’ agenda. This is not a compliment to CNN’s viewers; this merely shows that hard facts and truth are not priorities to many Americans.  For viewers politics as spun through the deep-state approved Communist media complex is like going to an R-rated movie.

Here is a brief run – down of CNN’S biggest lies or fake news reports for 2017:

CNN made a huge error on their false reporting of Donald Trump Jr., and Wikileaks; they had to correct their lies and propaganda.  Such screw ups like this by CNN and its peers in the Communist media complex only bolster President Donald J. Trump’s claims about “Fake News” and “Media Bias…”

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