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Vassar Bushmills

Trump Pays for Lavish Christmas Feast for Police and Military Who Protect Him. The Left will mock him, call him a garish show-off, but it will be a generation at least before the next Barack Obama will spend millions of our dollars to vacation his family around the world. Hell, who knows, maybe even Sheila Jackson Lee will have to fly coach.

Trump’s put the reciprocity back into being a boss, the nobility back onto charity, and the gratitude back into public service, even as he knowingly allows his personal wealth and brand to be dissipated by at least a third, by doing what the Democrats have always squalled about, “giving something back” (before leaving office as multi-millionaires).

Through example only, Donald  Trump will be the new model for at least a generation, and many aspiring public office-seekers knowing there isn’t any low-hanging fruit to pick or innocent citizens to kick out of 1st Class anymore, won’t even bother to apply,

Not only government, but modern corporate managers and aspiring MBA candidates will be wise to take heed, the days of privileged distance from the help are about to end.