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Unified Patriots by Nessa

After a globull warmening inspired November and early December the cold is here. A couple inches of snow here but a couple inches doesn’t even bring out the snow plows. It’s just a fact of live and we all deal with it. I didn’t see a single car in the ditch unlike two inches of snowfall in Fayetteville NC. I don’t miss that, too many stupid people packed into too small a space.

Do you know how many country music singers it takes to change a light bulb? Four, one to put in the new bulb and three to sing about the old one.

I asked google how many songs there are about Hank Williams Sr but the best it could do was a pitiful list on Wikipedia. I’ve played a bunch for y’all in the past. Country singers like to recognize the shoulders they stand on, I can appreciate that. Sometimes they sing about a dozen performers who influenced them, Hank Jr’s “All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down” for one. Hank III’s “Country Heroes” for another. Here’s a creepy feeling piece by Joey Allcorn, I hope you like it.

“Nancy will sing you a song about morals, Maxine is singing songs about impeachment, Faucohontas will sing you a song about injuns but they’re all right here in Washington Hell.”

How does the party of rapists and sex fiends feel they can dictate to us what is immoral (tax cuts) or who (other than themselves) is evil or what (other than themselves) is racist, misogynist or sexist? They seem to have the market cornered, discounting the 8000 or so clansmen across the country[…]

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