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Linda Sarsour, is not about women empowerment just as the feminist movement of both yesteryear and today are not about empowering women. Everything is about ideology. All have an agenda of their own, an agenda that does more harm than good and in Sarsour’s case, her agenda is about the empowerment of Islam (Shariah Law) over the west.

Sarsour’s target: the indoctrination of women and children.  Nothing can come between that which is why her response to sexual harassment allegations levied against an alleged abuser by the accused, i.e., a Muslim woman named Asmi Fathelbab is likely to surprise very few.

Dec. 20, 2017 – 4:14 – The alleged victim of the sexual harassment shares her story on ‘The Story.’

Wait for it….Any moment now, Sarsour will allege that there’s nothing to see here folks and that it is just another right wing conspiracy.  Regardless of what one believes or does not, there is that thing called, “due process” (depending, these days on who is levying the allegations) and innocent until proven guilty.