RED ALERT: Just now breaking across Breitbart News: DO OVER! House Will Have to Vote Again on Tax Cut Bill

Update: The tax cut bill has hit a procedural snag that will require changes to the legislation. As a result, the House will have to vote to approve the bill again.

The Senate parliamentarian ruled on Tuesday after that three provisions included in the bill passed by the House did not comply with Senate budget rules. Republican lawmakers will strip the provisions from the bill prior to the Senate’s vote Tuesday night. The House would then have to take up the measure once again….

(Good grief! You talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight!)

Oh buddy.  Now where was I?

ICYMI – Today’s White House Press Briefing:

And my favorite Constitutional attorney, Jonathan Turley.  Correction:  Second, Publius Huldah is Numero Uno, in my book.

Grumpy Opinions News – 12/19/2017