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Who’s Really Interested in Moving the Country Foward?


The “White Nuclear Family promotes White Supremacy” says Prof by Bunkerville

Rep. Conyers Threatens to Rat the Whole Swamp Out. by  PUMABydesign001

Report Hillary Clinton Needs to Be Worried About Informant’s Testimony Tuesday by Sara Noble

‘Kebs & Go’: Polish Students Create Revolutionary Kebab Making Machine  by  PUMABydesign001  (Information Liberation)

Dubai Security-Chief Unleashes Tweet-Storm Demanding Bombing Of Al-Jazeera by PUMABydesign001

A Return to the Gentlemanly Handshake? by bobmontgomery

Kurosawa’s “Ikiru” (“To Live”), a Retrospective on Bureaucracy by  vassarbushmills

Wow! Magazine – Monday, 11/27/2017 by PUMABydesign001

Was this Director fired for questioning why student IEP data is shared with a for-profit company? by PUMABydesign001  (Missouri Education Watchdog )

“Leave The Children Alone” They Scream; Rules For Conservatives, Not For Democrats. by PUMABydesign001  (Unified Patriots)

A Dirty Cop and Three Scroungy CIA Gophers by Little Tboca

Alarming who has access to IRS and Census information by “hook or crook”.   by PUMABydesign001  (Missouri Education Watchdog )

US State Department Is Financing Campaign Against Conservative Hungarian PM by Sara Noble

The Harvest Moon by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  by  PUMABydesign001