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(A chapter from my Kindle book at Amazon..com, Donald Trump, the Common Man and the American Theology of Liberty, covering only his campaign through the election, but a unique analysis of Trump’s relationship with the people, especially those no one else wants to get close to. An undated revision is planned.)

Conservatism and the Sedona Effect

In the 1980s, my brother in Arizona called to warn me about the New Age Movement, that it was taking over religion in America. In truth, the crystal-gazers had taken over most of Sedona, the chic desert getaway in central Arizona where he worked. And that’s about all. I told him to fugettaboutit. Were it not for Shirley MacLaine, no one else in America would have ever heard of New Age outside of the Best Buy music department or that stretch five miles long, four miles wide and about 100,000 strong, depending on the moon cycle, when the moonbeams flittered.

There’s a lesson there.

Do you know how many people watch Fox News nightly? How about all of them combined; Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC? Try 10% of America’s over-18 adult population. About 25 million. Far fewer listen to Limbaugh (he says 4 million daily), when most people work. Now move down to real political wonks, including the 4-5 people who will read this article; the people who go even deeper by buying books and reading opinion and news online.

Very few indeed, but still large enough to create a separate world, which, like the people who live and work in Sedona, don’t get around very much.

This is perfectly normal behavior for people who voluntarily live inside a bubble[…]

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