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Grumpy Opinions – Weekend Reading

Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary Following WFB Report by PUMABydesign001

Bill Clinton Gets Thrown Under the Bus — the Age of Clinton Is Over by Sara Noble

Senators: Why is Air Force punishing colonel over his religious views on marriage? by PUMABydesign001

Strange juxtapositions by PUMABydesign001 [Bluebird of Bitterness]

Advertisers are trying to walk back criticisms of Sean Hannity, but it’s backfiring by PUMABydesign001

The Good – Bad – Evil by Little Tboca

Dear Congress, you are being duped. HR4174-S2046 is a Privacy Fail. Here’s why. by PUMABydesign001

Donald Trump and the People, a Reprise by vassarbushmills

Al Franken the known pervert will no doubt survive the ethics investigation by Bunkerville

Stunning, Hypocritical Statements by PUMABydesign001

U.N. Elders Organizing to Push Universal Healthcare in the United States by Sara Noble

Climate Talk Crisis: Where’s the Money? by PUMABydesign001

Trained as a Kamikaze – and lived – Intermission Story (26) by PUMABydesign001 [Pacific Paratrooper]

The Ingraham Angle: Former staffer speaks out about Congress’ sexual misconduct (video) by PUMABydesign001