Grumpy Daily Headlines – Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Let’s begin with the obvious since today is ELECTION DAY — VOTE! Please go out and VOTE.

Allow me to begin with NEW YORK CITY. Vote that corrupt, taxpayer fleecing Communist dirtbag Bill de Blasio out. Vote him out!

And on a state level, voting for a Constitutional Convention (Propositition No. 1) is on the ballot this year. How the parties are framing the pros and cons is based purely on politics. I find framing a concon around collective bargaining losing its power, workers losing their jobs involves plenty of newspeak which is exactly what Progressives are guilty of.

Trust me, Proposition No. 1 is about so much more than a union contract. Proposition No. 1 is about the nation, your liberties, mine, re-writing the U. S. Constitution, an Article V Convention and so much more that could fundamentally change the United States for ever.

NEW YORK STATE: Vote No, No, No:

And here now the news….



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