I can pretty much see this coming. The Clintons are now officially in the way of the anti-Trump movement.No doubt globalists need them to go away.

Nwo Report

The New World Order are preparing to throw Bill and Hillary under the bus as they realise that the criminal activity of the Clinton’s has hindered their agenda. 

As evidence continues to be made public that the Clinton’s are guilty of the very crimes they accuse Donald Trump of committing, they will be thrown under the wheels of the bus in a similar way to Harvey Weinstein.

The mainstream media is already showing signs that Hillary isn’t the “glowing goddess” she once was and have begun openly condemning her over the Russian Uranian One scandal.

Infowars.com reports: Just look at this article from The Hill demanding a “special counsel on Hillary Clinton’s Russia scandal:”

There was more than enough smoke for the FBI to investigate official government favors in exchange for big donations to the Clinton Foundation, but agents ran into a hyper-politicized Attorney General in Loretta Lynch, whose public…

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