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Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona during his announcement Tuesday on the Senate floor that he would not seek re-election next year used every talking point espoused by the Communist media complex, swamp critters on the left, snowflakes, domestic terrorists and NeverTrumpers.

Flake rambled through his 17-minute speech in which he castigated President Donald J. Trump, leader of the Republican Party and while the D.C. swamp heralds Senator Jeff Flake’s speech as one for the books, it was not.

The speech lacked originality of thought and opinion. It exposed the GOPe’s disdain for POTUS, Republican voters. Flake’s intent was to do harm and in that, he was successful but not as he hoped.  The senator’s speech was inspiration to Americans, President Trump, Steve Bannon among others now more determined than ever to see that the swamp is drained.

As I listened and observed Flake, I wondered if Media Matters, MSNBC, CNN, George Soros or even failed spoiler/2016 third-party candidate, Evan McMullin faxed the failed Senator from Arizona who never once in eight years took on Barack Obama  a checklist of talking points to sling hash at the President from the Senate floor.  [ICYMI: See video of speech at bottom of post.]

Laura Ingraham said it best, “the speech sounded like one given by a Democratic leader lambasting a Republican president…could’ve been a speech delivered by Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer.”  Ingraham is right.

Flake and Bob Corker are representative of the D. C. establishment still angry and resentful that now President Donald J. Trump wiped the floor with them in the Republican presidential primaries and then nearly one year to date in the 2016 presidential election.

The GOPe simply cannot handle it and like their establishment mates on the left, rather than respect election results and push through the President’s agenda, instead they obstruct and engage in a scorched earth campaign.

Flake who has only to look within to see that It is the GOPe who has proven itself to be “reckless, outrageous and undignified” glossed over the fact that he is out of touch with Arizona Republicans and polling at 18%.   For that, he blames President Trump and although he didn’t say it, wacko birds. (Correction, the term “wacko birds” is so yesterday, “white supremacists” and “nazis” are the labels the swamp is using to attack Trump supporters although “white supremacists” and “nazis” are clearly and historically owned by Democrats.)

Speaking of wacko birds, Senator John McCain and Bob Corker couldn’t wait to pile on as well.

Sean Hannity had a few words for the trio of NeverTrumpers last night on his program.

Back to Flake,

Seventeen minutes of Marxist propaganda.  That is to be Senator Jeff Flake’s legacy.  He should have submitted a resignation letter or instead prepared a two-minute video.  Instead, in a vengeful 17 minutes, Senator Jeff Flake successfully shot his legacy to hell.

Morning after…

It did not take long for the Communist media complex to ask Flake, “well since you hate the President so much, why don’t you help us impeach him?”  Okay, I embellished a little but you know where I’m going here and I have the montage to prove it.

Troubling, very troubling in that the war on the President is a war on the American people.