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Unified Patriots by Lady Penguin

Some reflections drawn from this article, via Weasel Zippers, one of the few “conservative” sites who managed not to melt down during the 2016 campaign because of Donald Trump and accepted the idea that a Donald Trump presidency was/is a good thing.

“Republicans Prepare to Battle with Bannon and Breitbart”

Essentially, this sounds like a continuation of all the election cycles since 2010, when the Tea Party folks first blindsided the establishment. After 2010, the Establishment GOP got “wise” to our efforts, and it’s been downhill ever since, or uphill, depending on which way one wants to look at this. Except for the bright spot of Dave Brat taking out heir to the Speakership throne, Eric Cantor, we’ve had to go around the party vs work with them.

Eric Cantor, in 2014,

Unfortunately, 2014, was also the year that the Republican Establishment made sure shenanigans occurred in the primary runoff in Mississippi, of incumbent, Sen. Thad Cochran squaring off against Tea Party supported, State Sen. Chris McDaniel. The State GOP power apparatus worked hard to make sure Cochran didn’t lose the primary runoff – they encouraged Democrats who had already voted in their own Democrat primary to vote in the Republican runoff. Illegal, but these folks were ripe to encourage voting as primary voters are considered “active” vs the apathetic voters who might show up during the General Election.

Let’s not forget to add to that nasty rip off by the GOP-E their perfidy in Virginia, 2013, (we hold off year elections for state offices) where we’re well aware of just how close conservative Ken Cuccinelli came to winning. The powerful state party apparatus did everything to undermine Cuccinelli’s campaign and making sure they only gave lip service for his support when pressed. The Chamber of Commerce endorsed

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton’s known bagman,

and not yet, but should have been indicted at least some time in his known association with that woman – though it’s clear the laws are for the little people, peons, and only if you are of the correct political persuasion[…]

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