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Puerto Rico’s Communist bureaucracy is despicable as they feed their collaborators in the Communist media complex propaganda that FEMA, the U. S. government and POTUS is allowing people to suffer even die. One can only imagine the fundraising emails.  Better yet, don’t bother. We have seen this before.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marin, made the video below yesterday showing what he says is United States aid to Puerto Rico going to waste. It’s being thrown into dumpsters before it can reach the needy island residents suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

About 80% of the island is still without power and homes, businesses have been washed away. There are shortages of all basics.

It is believed that Puerto Rican officials threw the supplies away.

The video was shot in Patillas, a city on the island’s southeastern coast.

This seems to validate a September call into a radio show by a woman who said she was a police office who claimed elected officials, including Carmen Yulin Cruz, are deliberately sabotaging hurricane relief efforts for political reasons[…]

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