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Information mind control: directed confusion

The effect is real, but the cause is fake

By Jon Rappoport

—When a person investigates a holy of holies where only truth is supposed to live, and when he offers evidence that the sacred inner sanctum is based on a lie, the public reaction of disbelief is based on Reference to Authority. “Well, all the experts couldn’t wrong. That’s impossible.” The holier the lie, the more impossible is the truth—

In a recent article, I analyzed the Vegas shooting in terms of both real and fake incidents happening at the same time—and the (intentional) confusion and conflict that then plays out.

Now I want to go deeper.

People often get it wrong when they look at cause and effect.

I learned this lesson, in 1987-88, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century.

People were dying. They were dying…

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