McCarthyism 2.0 —

A sad day in America.  Michael Caputo is right.

The establishment and the deep state has declared war on anyone connected to President Donald J. Trump whether it is working with the President, having worked with the President prior to his being elected, friends and friends of friends and alliances of the President.

How wicked are those who despise President Trump to the point that they would destroy the man’s legacy, livelihood and that of anyone remotely connected to the man? Criminals.

There was a time that parents, grandparents and teachers taught children/students that we could grow up to be the President of the United States.

Children held on to those dreams but that was long ago.  I no longer hear parents and teachers instilling such hopes into our young.

The war on Trump is a war on all Americans of all ages and the message from an elitist establishment is clear, destroy Trump and the dreams of American children that they can someday grow up to be President of the United States unless they are of the child of an elitist.

Destroy their dreams.  Destroy their belief in American exceptionalism.  Close the door and lock it.

And this too shall fail because Americans are having none of it.