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I lost track of the many Trump supporters, beginning with Ann Coulter, who turned on a dime against the President Wednesday night mode based on  false allegations that the President betrayed his supporters.

Immediately, NeverTrumpers such as Jenny Beth Martin, president of Tea Party Patriots were out in full force, i.e., “take the lies and run with it”mode.  The endgame: drive a wedge that cuts so deep that it would fracture Trump’s base to the point of no return. (See: NeverTrumper, Jenny Beth Martin: Trump Starting to Sound like Hillary on Immigration)


Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Confusing and conflicting stories have been floated around about the dinner meeting between Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump last night which allegedly ended in a DACA agreement with no wall.

Nancy Pelosi ran out to the mic last night to say the agreement was reached to “enshrine” DACA into law. She added there would be added border security but there won’t be a wall.

It seemed that Trump was backing away from his pledge about amnesty and the wall. It was met with outrage and disbelief by Trump supporters.

None of it made sense. Trump is intelligent. Why would he turn off all of his supporters as he is about to launch a 14 state tour to sell his tax plan?

Bill O’Reilly said on his podcast this evening that the two Democrat leaders and the media did it deliberately to turn Trump’s followers against him. Both walked back their statements after Trump tweeted that no deal was reached.

Rush Limbaugh said much the same thing on his radio show Thursday — Pelosi possibly rushed out to give a statement to drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters. The media and some Republicans jumped right in to hurt Trump. Rush said:

So I went to bed last night at about 11 o’clock out here on the Left Coast. That’s two o’clock eastern. Everything was quiet, and I stayed up an additional half hour waiting to see if there was any breaking news. I mean, 10:30 West Coast time is 1:30 East Coast time, and there was nothing. I woke up… I went to bed and it was very, very peaceful. I wake up to all hell breaking loose! I said, “Is this is ever gonna end? Is there ever gonna be a normal day again?….No, no, no. I’m not talking about the hurricane. That’s actually going well[…]

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WARNING: Rant coming on.

After months of Progressives, NeverTrumpers, the Republican Party establishment and the Communist media complex levying outrageous allegations against the President only to walk it back days, in this instance hours, later, one would think that voters would learn.

Speaking for myself as a Trump supporter, I have been through more than enough and should know better than to fall for propaganda espouses by Progressives, NeverTrumpers, the Republican Party establishment and the Communist media complex who view the President’s America First agenda as a threat to their dominion over we, the people.

Whenever Progressives, NeverTrumpers, the Republican Party establishment and the Communist media complex are on the attack against POTUS45 and reporting the outrageous, keep in mind that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is another dog and pony show.

Rant over.

(Out of coffee this morning.)