Sixteen years ago this morning, Americans experienced the first wave of two Islamic terrorist attacks on U. S. soil. The second wave, although dismissed by those with an agenda, occurred eleven years later — September 11, 2012 on the U. S. Consulate and CIA safehouse in Benghazi, Libya.

All were a despicable act of cowardice.

We pay tribute to those who perished in both 911 attacks including the heroes who came to the aid of their fellow Americans, their families, friends and loved ones.

We pay tribute as well to those men and women who went to war on our behalf and the heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice,”their family, friends and loved ones.

Demand Justice and Accountability.

Never forget the sabotage of Navy SEAL Team Six — Chinook 47, Call Sign “Extortion 17” on August 6, 2011, their families, friends and loved ones who until this day demand answers and justice.


The same goes for the family members of the Benghazi Four, i.e., four Americans, U. S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Ambassador, Information Officer Sean Smith, Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and Tyron Woods (Navy Seal) and at least three dozen others wounded in what along with “Extortion 17” is the biggest cover up in American history.

Below are a few tweets (okay more than a few) from those paying tribute this day.

God bless you. God bless America. Never forget.