Simon Peter said to him, “Lord, wash not only my feet, but also my hands and my head!”

[John 13:9]

Take my hands, and let them move

At the impulse of Thy love.

Take my feet, and let them be

Swift and “beautiful” for Thee.

Take my intellect, and use

Every power as Thou shall choose.


If a man may attain thereunto, to be unto God as his hand is to a man, let him be therewith content, and not seek further. That is to say, let him strive and wrestle with all his might to obey God and His commandments so thoroughly at all times, and in all things, that in him there be nothing, spiritual or natural, which opposeth God; and that his whole soul and body, with all their members, may stand ready and willing for that to which God hath created…

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