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The following is an essay written by Cold Warrior over at Unified Patriots which pretty much says it all.  Those of us who support President Donald Trump must act to take down those standing in the way of his agenda.

The war that the Progressive establishment on both the left and the right has declared on our President is also a declaration of war on the American people.

It is our duty as citizens to protect and to act.

Unified Patriots by Cold Warrior

It will take more than going to rallies. And not a lot of time. If the effort is focused and smart.

President Donald Trump is the nominal head of the Republican Party. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Republicans In Name Only, #CampaignConservatives and #Chambercrats, pretend to support the President’s agenda. They do not. As do not many of the #FakeConservatives in the U.S. House and Senate facing re-election in 2018. Their current actions (or, perhaps, inaction) speak louder than words.


Just as the fake Republicans in the House and Senate do not support President Trump, the Republicans In Name Only who populate many of the elected 168 member slots of the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) (that includes the chairmen of the state parties and the territories and their national committeemen and national committeewomen) are trying to sabotage President Trump’s agenda. That effort is in full view of any objective observer.

Ought we not replace these incumbent Republicans In Name Only? To ask the question is to answer it. Of course we must. So . . . how to do it? By going to rallies? By commenting on a blog?

No. That will not do it. We need to focus on getting Trump supporters to actually vote in the primary election and then the general election.

We conservatives who support President Donald J. Trump need to unite and organize for real political action where we live “inside” the Republican Party apparatus to be in a position to make sure that the best conservative candidate in the all-important, traditionally, very-low-turnout primary election, gets the most votes.

I know how to make that happen. It does not take more than two or three hours a month.

Can you sacrifice that amount of time?

My brother Tom tells me that whenever he asks for volunteers back in our hometown for anything of a civic nature, the two most common excuses are, “I’m too busy” and “I don’t have enough time.”

You are not too busy. You have the time[…]

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