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Mayor Betsy Hodges

After the slaughter of Justine Damond by a Somali-born Minnesota police officer Mohamed Noor, the city’s Mayor Betsy Hodges (photo above) is doubling down on the failed social justice policies shoved down the throats of America’s law enforcement by Barack Obama that lead to last week’s murder.


Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The shooting of Justine Damond by a Somali-American police officer with three complaints and a lawsuit against him in two years has taken an interesting political turn. The left-wing community activists are pushing for more of the Obama 21st century policing as a remedy.

A new police chief has been selected by the mayor and his background includes internal affairs.

The job demands someone “who holds officers accountable, that is a strong communicator and works well with civilian leadership, who is responsive and accessible,” said Council Member Andrew Johnson, the Star Tribune reported.

Medaria Arradondo

Medaria Arradondo

Mayor Betsy Hodges, who faces a potentially big loss in her re-election bid, has picked Assistant Chief Medaria Arradondo, a 28-year veteran of the force from a fifth generation African-American Minnesota family, to help lead the police force and make the case that she’s committed to reforming the department.

The appointment requires the approval of the City Council’s Executive Committee, but the union chief is on board and says the men like him[…]

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In other words, there’ll be plenty more Somalians on Hodges’ police force.  Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch must be proud especially since Hodges last week reached out to comfort the Somalian community last week on her personal Facebook page after the shooting.

See Independent Sentinel’s post:  Mayor Tells Muslims to File Hate Crimes After Muslim Cop Shoots Unarmed Woman. It’s enough to make you blow a gasket.