If a white police officer shoots and Black person, all hell breaks loose. Yet, a Somalian police officer kills a white woman in cold-blood who was neither armed or aggressive, fellow Muslims in collusion with their Progressives peers circle the wagons to make this murder (confirmed) go away.

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Now we learn that two to three shots were fired by the Somali police officer into the body of the pajama clad yoga teacher standing at the driver’s side window. The officers sure don’t seem upset in the audio report we have now do they? We find out that no Grand Jury will be impaneled. Anyone want to bet this gets buried?

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The Medical Examiner labeled it murder. Why aren’t the people burning down the town?? The Washington Post of course gives the Officer a sympathetic article.

The Washington Post featured a sympathetic article on the Minneapolis, Minn. police officer who shot an Australian woman last weekend, a marked shift from their coverage on former officer Jeronimo Yanez.

The Tuesday article focuses on the Somali community fearing retribution because a Somali officer, Mohamed Noor, reportedly fatally shot a white Australian woman. The piece also emphasizes the praise that…

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