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Could CNN’s Jeff Zucker look any more ridiculous?

Could CNN’s Jeff Zucker look any more ridiculous?

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post, CNN Committed Crimes by Blackmailing a Private Citizen over a Joke.  It appears that CNN blackmailed or threatened to dox the wrong guy.  Even worse, if correct, the person they went after is a teen.  Jerks!

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

It seems CNN can’t even blackmail well when they’re making up fake news.

The person who CNN hunted down and blackmailed over the WWE Trump video was not the originator of the meme/gif President Trump tweeted. CNN couldn’t even blackmail the right person it seems. They’re amateurs.

HanA**holeSolo, who took credit for the video and then repented after being threatened by CNN, was the originator of a gif that might have been the idea for the final meme but it wasn’t the same one. Han, by the way, says he’s a teenager. CNN went after a kid!

Han published the first WWE meme, but there was a different CNN logo on it. Someone re-staged it or used an entirely different one. There is a third person out there who should stay in hiding. CNN will try to destroy the person.

Just because Han took credit doesn’t mean he did it. In fact, he didn’t, at least not the one Trump used.

Buzzfeed brought that up and, if correct, CNN went after the wrong guy or gal.


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