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Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough [source: USDA_Flickr]

Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

…that heals quickly.

I’ve always said Trump needs a Ben Franklin in his board room and Newt Gingrich once again has proved that he’s the one, explaining Donald Trump exactly right…especially since he agrees with me in defining Donald Trump’s basic instincts.

About President Trump’s now-famous tweet about Mika and Joe, particularly Mika’s facelift, Newt commented to Tucker Carlson that President Trump is 80%-90% correct with his tweets, so should continue with them. But he messes up once in a while.

Four steps forward, then maybe one step back.

Considering his evisceration of the national media, without help from almost anyone, I’ll take that.

Examining his steps backwards, it should be noted that when he shoots himself in the foot, those wounds heal quickly. This latest reminds me of Winston Churchill’s ongoing war of words with Lady Astor, who, if you don’t know, was an American citizen who moved to England, married wealth and became the first female member of Parliament, and strident, snooty political enemy of Churchill.

No one ever accused Sir Winston of being a boorish philistine, still…

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