It just gets better.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Justice Anthony Kennedy sometimes votes with liberals/leftists on key issues like gay marriage and abortion. He’s someone the Democrats want to stay on the court.

That might not happen. Rumors are swirling in conservative and progressive circles that Justice Kennedy is planning to retire on Monday.

The left is panicked and are pleading for him to not retire in the “age of Trump”.

Justice Kennedy is 80 years of age and has been talking about retirement for a while. Also interested in retirement is Justice Ginsberg who is 84 years.

While he is the swing vote on the Supreme Court, he is a self-described conservative who is said to have waited out Obama before retirement.

From Rachel Maddow to Reuters to Fox News’s Bret Baier, the retirement is said to be imminent.

Senator Grassley also hinted at a big retirement announcement this summer. Most believe he was referring to Kennedy[…]

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