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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Donald Trump is not a messiah, although some seem to see him as such. That’s a lamentable condition, but one which we’ll discuss at a later time.

But as I have mentioned over and over again since early in the 2016 campaign, when people speak of Donald Trump, they are usually speaking of something else altogether.

So, one magical-like thing Donald Trump does excel at is being able to draw Evil out from the dark recesses of the human soul and bare it naked. But he can only draw Evil out and expose it, he can’t cast It out, as in sending those devils off to reside inside swine, who then throw themselves into the sea to be swallowed up. (MT 8:31)

(This also begs a question for another day, and that is why so many who are in closer contact with the Messiah than Trump still trail along behind him rooting for the pigs?)


A 28-year old college teacher in the San Francisco area was arrested and arraigned on charges of using a metal bicycle lock to assault counter-protesters near Berkley. I think he was aligned with ANTIFA. He tagged three victims, and the injuries were serious[…]

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