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Battle of Chickamauga by Kurz & Allison (Sept. 1863) Source: Library of Congress

Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

(You’ll be happy to know I’ll not have anything else to say on this subject. Time to rock and roll.)

In the past two segments I tried to convey how this new civil war should play out, not as a shooting war, but as a strategic war fought largely between two competing bodies of citizens where the various militaries remain on the sidelines, more as referees (except in places like Berkeley) than cheering sections. Ostensibly, their mission will be to protect property and break up fights, not egg them on.

We already know Blue states and Blue cities often play by different rules in this regards.

It’s not that the Left wants to play this way, but by having lost their place up on horseback, and are now afoot, there is no sane, practical strategic or tactical way they can achieve any advantage over the rest of America.

Helter Skelter

So, before we discuss the things we, as citizens, can do to diminish the power of the Left on the hundreds of battlefields the Left still controls, we must first look into the general notion that the Left is not entirely “sane” or “practical” in these kinds of matters, and the condition they all suffer from is shared in common. It’s the “ring that binds them all.” (Tolkein) Regardless of their special areas of interest; feminism, environmentalism, political hegemony, they all share certain personal traits, which, history proves, can push them over the line.

High among them, if not paramount, is a personal dislike, even hatred, for the coarse, low-brow, un- or narrowly-educated people who, since the beginning of written history, have produced every thing the world has ever known.

I like to trace these common traits back to Karl Marx, although I’m sure you can go back to the 18th and 17th centuries, and maybe the entire French nobility since Charlemagne, and make a similar case, for they all arise from an unearned sense of nobility and entitlement, as if born to it.

What we are seeing today is the same kind of teat-fittery Karl Marx expressed that had nothing to do with the social injustices done by capitalists to the workers or the poor, and everything to do with self-love and glorification. Everything Marx knew about labor and workers he learned at the university library. He held them in utter disdain, and never sat down with one hoping to gain any insight. He sponged from his wife until she ran out of money and allowed two of his children to starve rather than get a job, so dedicated was he to this notion of “Self.”

Today modern journalists and academicians confess the same general opinion about Americans in fly-over country….and I swear, the Republican political class do not seem to be far behind.

Everything Marx knew about the capitalist class he knew from behind envious eyes who saw their wealth paraded in their better finery and that air of superiority as a way of rubbing it in. The way they carried themselves, that condescending air, was not evil per se, mind you, but an air that should have belonged to him instead. It simply was unfair that men who weren’t even half as smart and educated as he was should fare so well[…]

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