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Jon Ossoff, Pajama Boy

There are some things that even for a die-hard Progressive is should be too much.  Enter Jon Ossoff, human trafficking, illegal immigration.  To Georgia’s 6th district, the clock is ticking. WAKE UP!

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Jon Ossoff, who might take the House seat for the Democrats in Newt Gingrich’s old district in Georgia [Tom Price’s former seat], managed a film company that paid human smugglers operating across Europe nearly $2,000, Got News reported.

Ossoff is running in a special election and polls say he’s leading.

Ossoff, who won’t move into the district he will represent, has been the CEO of the film company since 2013. He gave cash to smugglers to make their way from Morocco to England in the making of his 2006’s “Living with Illegals”.

It is a sympathetic, pro-illegal immigration film, and serves as a how-to guide. The film doesn’t make the trip look easy, however.

“Living With Illegals” is for sale, through U.K. film distributor SWPictures.

You can read the entire story at Got News.