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Communism is a curse.  It leaves everything in touches in tatters.

The Mad Jewess

New Film Exposes Takeover Of South Africa By Communist Terrorists

If you read “Master of the Game”, it is also filled with Communist jargon regarding how the white man is evil. Nothing about how black people can be very evil also. Our world is filled with worship of black skin color. If America does not halt the influx of illegals and stop the worship of black & brown skin color, white people will be targeted en mass like South African Caucasians are.


A new documentary by the South African civil rights group AfriForum exposes uncomfortable truths about revolutionary Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), including the fact that much of the Soviet-backed party’s violence was directed at black people who refused to fall in line. Written by . WHOLE POST: @ New American


Source:  The Mad Jewess.

Am I the only one who picking up similarities to what has been going on in the United States since Hussein Obama set his Marxist behind in the Oval Office?

Communism is vile.  In order for Communism to spread, it requires people to see themselves as victims.  The uneducated and if not, indoctrinated make the best useful idiots.