My response to this news, is “so, what would you expect?”

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I will bet the Trump haters had to go to the hardware store and buy a few large packages of shop towels to clean up after themselves once they heard the allegations that President Trump shared “Highly Classified” information with some Russian ambassadors at a recent White House meeting.

Does anybody realize that both Russia and The United States are fighting against Islamic terrorists in the Mid East and that both countries have always shared intelligence pertaining to those operations?

And according to all the reports I have read this war against the insane radical Islamists and the intelligence pertaining thereto is what this kerfluffle is all about.

Of course those who hate the President —– mostly sore losers from the Leftist side —– will jump on any hint that the President might have jeopardized national security with something he allegedly said or didn’t say —– there are a lot…

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